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Friday Handouts

Session 2: 13 Reasons Why/How for Self-Care & Avoiding Burnout - Caron Westland - Caron A. Westland, PhD; Meagan Ackerman, MA; Brittany Kelly, MA 

13 Reasons Why/How for Self-Care & Avoiding Burnout Handout 1 (PDF) 

13 Reasons Why/How for Self-Care & Avoiding Burnout Handout 2 (PDF) 



Session 4: Happiness and Gratitude - How and Why it Improves Academic Behavior - Kim Bevill (Word Doc.)

Session 8: Sleep Birth to Five - Elizabeth Erickson (PDF Handout)

Session 9: Speaking from the heART: Art as a Communication Took for Diverse LearnersAli Manion, MA; Emily Krier; Mikayla Brown; Dr. Jessica Reinhardt (PDF Handout)

Session 10: Social Emotional Learning in the Digital Age - Lisa S. Wolff, PsyD (PDF Handout)

Workshop: Bringing Executive Functioning Support to Life - Cyle Feingold (PDF Handout)

Workshop: Helping Children with Social Anxiety or Selective Mutism - Sheila Lepkin, MA, NCSP

Helping Children with Social Anxiety or Selective Mutism Handout 1 (PDF Handout)

Helping Children with Social Anxiety or Selective Mutism Handout 2 (PDF Handout)

Session 12: Building a Trauma Sensitive District- Lisa Zimprich; Carey Purkey; Wendy Stevenson

Building a Trauma Sensitive Diet Handout 1 (PDF Handout)

Building a Trauma Sensitive Diet Handout 2 (PDF Handout)

Session 15: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Trauma in Schools: State Implementation of an Evidence-Based Tier Two Intervention - Julia Wigert, EdS, NCSP; Londi Segler (PDF Handout)

Session 17: Dropout Prevention Strategies in Secondary Transition Planning - Gloria Durosko; Gail Lott (PDF Handout) 

Session 18: Redefining the Textbook: Utilizing Non-Traditional Media - Bradie Zaletel; Wanda Zimmermann (PDF Handout)

Session 19: Seamless Interventions for Students from Age 3 to 8 - Dr. John Christopher Hicks

Seamless Interventions for Students from Age 3 to 8 Handout 1 (PDF Handout)

Seamless Interventions for Students from Age 3 to 8 Handout 2 (PDF Handout)

Session 21: 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students - Wanda B. Wilson (PDF Handout)

Ace Survey (Word Doc)

Ace Scores, What do they mean? (Word Doc)

What's Your Resilience Score (Word Doc)

Session 22: Brain Development - What All Educators Should Know - Nicole Crawford, PhD; Heather Hotchkiss

Brain Development Handout (PDF)

Session 24: Gender-Differences and the Impact on Achievement - Kim Bevill (Word Doc Handout)

Session 23: Improving IEP Teams: Skills for Resolving Conflict - Mary Anne Fleury, PhD (PDF Handout)

Session 25: Perceptions, Participation and Applications for Students with Diverse Learning NeedsPeggy Alpeter; Catie Holton, MM (PDF Handout)

Session 29: A Policy and Advocacy Primer for Special Education - Alissa Rausch (PDF Handout)

Saturday Handouts

Session 35: Exploring the Benefits of Inclusive Higher Education - Shelly Bates (PDF Handout)

Session 39: Self-Determination: Not Just a School Day Skill - Lori Y. Peterson (PDF Handout)

Session 40: STEM Apps in the Primary Classroom - Courtney Parker; Caroline Wyman (PDF Handout)

Workshop: Advanced Co-Teaching to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills - Jeanne Bonds, MA; Courtney Berry, MA (PDF Handout)

Workshop: Paraeducators and Teachers: Fundamental Practices for Teamwork - Ritu Chopra, PhD

Paraeducators and Teachers: Fundamental Practices 1 (PDF)

Paraeducators and Teachers: Fundamental Practices 2 (PDF)

Session 42: Alexa, Help Me Be More Independent - Linda Haertling, MA, CCC-SLP; Coral Euler; Elizabeth Levine Kerscher; Duncan Honeycutt, Graduate Student, Regis University (PDF Handout)

Session 43: Building the Writing Skills of Adolescents with Disabilities - Jessica Hovland, MS (PDF Handout)

Session 44: Managing Powerful Emotions: Preschool Social & Emotional Skills Groups - Jeanine Coleman; Tanya McCarty; Benjamin Douglass; Kamilah Jones (PDF Handout)

Session 45: The Neuropsychology of Emotional Management - Morgan Beidleman (PDF Handout)

Session 46: Rethinking Challenging Behavior: Strategies that Work - Christi Kasa, PhD; Anne Cardea

Rethinking Challenging Behavior Handout 1 (PDF)

Rethinking Challenging Behavior Handout 2 (PDF)

Session 47: SWACC Literacy Kits: Grab and Go Adapted Materials - Christina Perkins, MA, CCC-SLP; Lindsey Erickson; Alexis Missel (PDF Handout)

Session 48: What Works - Language Learners Talk about College Success - Dr. Roberta C. Brack Kaufman (PDF Handout)

Session 49: Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Keys to Unleashing Resilience - Christian Moore (PDF Handout)

Session 51: College Inclusion in Colorado: Making Higher Education Work for All! - Julie Harmon; Ben Kim (PDF Handout)

Session 53: From Identification to Self-Advocacy - YES! Colorado Ambassadors; Marie Folmar; Geniene Moore

Session 54: Movement Method: Kinesthetic Learning and Ideal Brain Building - Bianca Rimbac, MA; Joell Dunlap

(awaiting documentation)

Session 56: Won't You be My Neighbor? Fostering Peer Interactions - Cristina House (PDF Handout)

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