Invited Speakers

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Red Grammer

Red Grammer is one of the premier entertainers of children and families in the world. Described by Parent’s Magazine as “the best voice in children’s music” Red has set the gold standard for writing and performing music that playfully reconnects us with the best in ourselves. Red can be heard tickling and nourishing hearts and souls via his award-winning recordings; his numerous appearances on television (The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Nickelodeon, Showtime, PBS, The Disney Channel); his unforgettable live concerts; his award-winning DVD (Hooray for the World ); his Grammy-nominated album, “Bebop Your Best: Songs to Build Character By”; and as a featured artist on the 2005 Grammy-winning ‘Best Musical Album for Children’, “cEllabration: A Tribute To Ella Jenkins”. His latest release is “Circle of Light: Songs for Bucketfillers”, a vibrant collection of new songs created in collaboration with Carol McCloud, author of the bestselling children’s book, “Have You Filled A Bucket Today?”, that celebrate positivity and the desire to make the world a better place. Beloved by children and parents around the world, Red’s children’s recordings are a treasured resource for teachers who use them to communicate the themes of caring, excellence, oneness, and diversity in a language kids instantly understand and eagerly embrace. Combining one of the truly great voices in the business with an unerring sense of performance and play, Red’s live concerts delight audiences, young and old, in performing arts centers all across America and abroad. Red has performed throughout Europe, in China, Russia, the Ukraine, Israel, and the Gambia. He is also a frequent keynote speaker and performer at national and regional educationa

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Toby Karten

Toby Karten is an award-winning special educator, dynamic presenter, and author who is passionate in sharing her knowledge with others. She has taught students ranging from preschool to graduate level across the least restrictive continuum. Toby works with school districts across the country and internationally as a staff developer, inclusion coach and educational consultant, author and adjunct professor. Toby focuses on creative, practical solutions for helping ALL students gain not only access, but also ongoing successes in inclusive classrooms. She has collaborated with administrators, staff, students, and their families at local, national, and international school sites and conferences as an invited speaker and consultant.


She has an undergraduate degree in special education from Brooklyn College, a Master’s degree in special education from the College of Staten Island, a supervisory degree from Georgian Court University, and an honorary doctorate from Gratz College. Ms. Karten has been recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children and the New Jersey Department of Education as an exemplary educator, receiving two Teacher of the Year awards.


Toby has authored and edited more than 30 books and quick reference guides on the topics of co-teaching and inclusive classrooms. Her interactive PD and resources offer ways for staff and students to collaboratively have their eyes, minds, and actions on how inclusion practices connect to educator, learner, and curriculum realities. Toby’s ongoing professional goal is to help learners achieve successful inclusion experiences in school and life.


Barbara Coloroso

Barbara Coloroso is an international bestselling author and for the past 49 years an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving, nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice.


She has appeared on CBC, BBC, Oprah, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and NPR and has been featured in the New York Times, Time, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, and other national and international publications.


Her uniquely effective parenting and teaching strategies were developed through her years of training in sociology, special education, and philosophy, as well as field-tested through her experiences as a classroom teacher, laboratory school instructor, university instructor, seminar leader, volunteer in Rwanda, and mother of three grown children.


She is the author of four international bestsellers: kids are worth it! Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline; Parenting Through Crisis—Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change; The Bully, the Bullied, and the Not-So-Innocent Bystander—From Pre-school Through High School and Beyond, Breaking the Cycle off Violence and Creating More Deeply caring Communities; and Just Because It’s Not Wrong Doesn’t Make It Right—From Toddlers to Teens, Teaching Kids to Think and Act Ethically. Barbara’s latest book is Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of Genocide…and Why it Matters. She also has two critically acclaimed video programs Winning at Parenting...without beating your kids and Winning at Teaching...without beating your kids.

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Christian Moore

Christian Moore is an internationally-renowned speaker, licensed clinical social worker, and advocate for youth. He is the author of The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action. He was a commencement speaker in the School of Education at John Hopkins University and spoke at a White House convening for the Reach Higher Initiative.

Christian found his passion in social work. He created the WhyTry Program, which has been implemented in over 25,000 organizations. Christian has flown over 6 million miles and reached over 3 million kids.

Christian’s engaging style combines humor and research with a powerful personal journey. He consistently earns the highest ratings at conferences and events.