Invited Speakers

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Sam Glenn

It was never my intent or goal to become a motivational speaker. In fact, I remember being so afraid of public speaking that I would take zeroes and F’s in college whenever a presentation was required. Eventually, I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and fell in love with encouraging others to think better for themselves and their organization.

The core of my entire program is designed to recharge, rekindle and inspire new levels of optimism, purpose, engagement, resilience, and teamwork.

Now, that may sound super simple on paper, but the actual steps on how to empower others without creating toxic positivity in your organization is a process that I have developed over three decades. My approach is engaging, fun, artistic, and provides actionable content that can be implemented immediately both personally and professionally.

Since 1998, I have had the privilege of speaking to just about every industry you can imagine. The leaders and organizations who hire me the most are the ones that are passionate about rooting for the success of their people.  The bottom line is they care about others and understand that if the organization is going to get better, it starts with helping others get better.

My program is a component that reinforces the value of your mission.  I believe in the power of recognition, empowerment, and getting people excited about the work they do.  Plus, it is so nice to create a moment where everyone can relax, recharge and just feel good.