Friday, February 1, 2019

8:15am -9:30am// Keynote: 

Beyond Cultural Responsiveness: Equitable Education in the Classroom - Rosemarie Allen

9:30am-10:15am // Exhibits
9:40am- 10:15am// Book Signing with Rosemarie Allen
10:15am-11:25 // Session 1
  • Happiness and Gratitude – How and Why it Improves Academic Behavior - Kim Bevill

  • An Autistic Voice On Educating Autistic Students - Laura K. Anderson

  • Sleep Birth to Five - Elizabeth Erickson

  • Mental Health 101: For teachers, parents, administrators - Lana Gollyhorn, MA

  • Speaking from the heART: Art as Communication Tool for Diverse Learners - Ali Manion, MA; Emily Krier; Mikayla Brown; Dr. Jessica Reinhardt

  • Hey Mom, I've Got ADHD and a couple of F's - L.E.A.D., Cheyenne Mountain High School 

  • 13 Reasons Why / How for Self-Care & Avoding Burnout - Caron A. Westland, Ph.D.; Meagan Ackerman, MA; Brittany Kelly, MA

  • Strength-Based Assessment in a Deficit-Based World - Corey D. Pierce, Ph.D.

  • Inclusive School Programs for Students with Behavioral Challenges - Kristine J. Melloy, Ph.D.

  • Social Emotional Learning in Digital Age - Lisa S. Wolff, PsyD.

  • Improving Progress and Building Capacity in ECE/ECSE - Tessa Kranski; Meghan Bonde

​11:45am– 1:15pm Lunch  

*Lunch session registration is now closed*

  • Bringing Executive Functioning Support to Life - Cyle Feingold

  • “It was twenty years ago today”: Top 10 Lessons Learned @ 20 Years of CTR - Philippe Ernwein

  • Laughter and Learning - Kim Bevill


1:45pm-4:25pm // Workshops
  • Inclusive Instruction in Preschool Classrooms: Tips and Strategies - Sara Movahedazarhouligh

  • Helping Children with Social Anxiety or Selective Mutism - Shelia Lepkin, MA, NCSP


1:45pm-2:55pm // Session 2
  • Executive Functioning and Working Memory Strategies - Cyle Feingold

  • Seamless Interventions for Students from Age 3 to 8 - Dr. John Christopher Hicks

  • Dropout Prevention Strategies in Secondary Transition Planning - Gloria Durosko; Gail Lott

  • Building the Dream Team: Special and Para Educators Unite!  - Katrine Gosselin, B.S., M.A.; Aimee Massafra, BA, MEd

  • Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Trauma in Schools (CBITS): State Implementation of an Evidence-Based Tier Two Intervention - Julia Wigert, Ed. S., NCSP; Londi Howard

  • Building a Trauma Sensitive District - Lisa Zimprich

  • Redefining the Textbook: Utilizing Non-Traditional Media - Bradie Zaletel; Wanda Zimmermann

  • Mind-body Strategies to Increase Social Emotional Learning Competency - Ashley Goodwin

  • Voices of Entrepreneurship - Success Comes in Many Forms - Barbara Goldsby, Panel of Entrepreneurs and Their Parents


3:15pm-4:25pm // Session 3
  • Gender – Differences and the Impact on Achievement      -  Kim Bevill

  • Brain Development - What All Educators Should Know - Nicole Crawford, Ph.D; Heather Hotchkiss; Karen McAvoy

  • Working with Diverse Families in ECE/ECSE - Jackie Davis

  • Perceptions, Participation and Applications for Students with Diverse Learning Needs in Music - Peggy Alpeter; Catie Holton, MM, Music Therapist - Board Certified

  • Social Communication for Students with SSN and ASD      - P. Charlie Buckley Ph.D, CCC-SLP; Kara Halley EdD

  • Promoting Mathematical Literacy: Why students struggle. We can help! - Mindy Adair, Ph.D.

  • Improving IEP Teams: Skills for Resolving Conflict - Mary Anne Fleury, Ph.D; Missy Sieders

  • 7 Ways to Transform the Lives of Wounded Students - Wanda B. Wilson

  • A Policy and Advocacy Primer for Special Educators  -Alissa Rausch

4:30pm-6:00pm //  Reception & Silent Auction
*7:00am-5:00pm // Exhibits 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

8:15am -9:30am// Keynote:  

Normal People Are People You Don't Know Very Well -  Jonathan Mooney

9:30am-10:15am // Exhibits/Door Prizes
9:40am- 10:15am // Book Signing with Jonathan Mooney
10:15am-11:25am // Session 1
  • Radical Leadership/Heart-Centered Leadership… For You and For Your Students - Craig Zablocki

  • Grit. Fortitute. Determination.Resilience. - Christian Moore

  • Beyond Decoding: Transitioning from Decoding to Application - Kelly Hoover

  • Foundations and Best Practices in Adapted Physical Education - Bryan Wickoren; Jayne Dougherty; Kelly Kennedy; Susan Wallace-Seman

  • Beyond Extended Time - Differentiation in CTE - Johanna Staple

  • How T.A.C.T. is teaching the autism community trades - Amanda Therrien; Danny Combs; Becky Mershon

  • Exploring the Benefits of Inclusive Higher Education - Shelby Bates; Student Panel

  • Self-Determination: Not Just a School Day Skill! - Lori Y. Peterson

  • STEM Apps in the Primary Classroom - Courtney Parker; Caroline Wyman

  • Misdiagnosis and Missed Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder - Scott Schwartz, Ph.D., CCC/SLP

  • Promoting Regulation for Early Learners with Autism in Inclusive Classrooms - Leslie Blome; Maureen Zelle


​11:45am– 1:15pm Lunch 

*Lunch session registration is now closed*

  • The Intelligence of Fun - Craig Zablocki

  • Resilience Can Be Taught! 10 Tools to Motivate ANY Student - Christian Moore


1:30pm-4:10pm // Workshops
  • Using Google Classroom to Increase Independence and Progress Monitor - Evie Wilson, MA

  • Advanced Co-Teaching to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills - Jeanne Bonds, MA; Courtney Berry, MA

  • Paraeducators and Teachers: Fundamental Practice for Teamwork - Ritu Chopra, PhD


1:30pm-2:40pm // Session 2
  • Learning Outside the Lines - Jonathan Mooney

  • Managing Powerful Emotions: Preschool Social & Emotional Skills Groups - Jeanine Coleman, Ph.D.; Tanya McCarty; Benjamin Douglass; Kamilah Jones

  • Building the Writing Skills of Adolescents with Disabilities - Jessica Hovland, M.S.

  • SWAAAC Literacy Kits: Grab and Go Adapted Materials  - Christina Perkins, MA, CCC-SLP; Lindsey Erickson; Alexis Missel

  • Alexa, You Make Learning Fun! - Linda Haertling, MA, CCC-SLP; Coral Euler; Elizabeth Levine Kerscher

  • Rethinking Challenging Behavior: Strategies that work - Christi Kasa, Ph.D.; Anne Cardea

  • The Neuropsychology of Emotional Management - Morgan Beidleman

  • What Works - Language Learners Talk about College Success - Dr. Roberta C. Brack Kaufman


3:00pm-4:10pm // Session 3
  • Learning and Laughing-Making the Practical Connection - Craig Zablocki

  • Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Keys to Unleashing Resilience - Christian Moore

  • From Identification to Self-Advocacy - YES! Colorado Ambassadors; Marie Folmar; Geniene Moore

  • Self-Reflection as a Tool to Develop Cultural Responsiveness - Dorothy Shapland, EdD

  • Empowering All to Access and Use Curricular Adaptations - Laura Humrichouse; Renee Ostergren

  • Movement Method: Kinesthetic Learning and Ideal Brain Building - Bianca Rimbach, MA; Joell Dunlap

  • College Inclusion in Colorado: Making High Education Work For All! - Julie Hamon; Ben Kim

  • Won't you be my neighbor? Fostering peer interactions - Christina House

*7:00am-2:00pm // Exhibits 


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