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The Sy Wallach Team Scholarship has been created in the spirit of collaboration and teamwork by building bridges between educational teams. Throughout his professional career, Sy Wallach advocated for a cohesive partnership between professionals as a way to support children and youth with exceptionalities. 


The Courage to Risk Conference Committee created the Sy Wallach Team Scholarship award to honor this idea of partnership. Each year, one team made up of two recipients will be awarded free registrations to the Courage to Risk Collaborative Conference. A team can consist of a general education teacher and a special education teacher/OT/PT/SLP, a parent, a paraprofessional, or any other combination of individuals committed to improving the education of children with special needs. No team will be awarded the Sy Wallach Team Scholarship two years in a row. Multiple Sy Wallach Team Scholarships will be awarded by a vote of the CTR committee. 


The scholarship application will open for 2024 in October 2023. 

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