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Handouts are arranged by scheduled session time. 

Friday 10:15 AM - 11:25 AM (Session I)

Session 1: Less is More With PBL!

By Toby J. Karten

Session 1 Handout (PDF)

Session 3: “Help! My student is out of control!”
By Jen Hills

Session 3 Handout (PDF)

Session 7: Effectively Targeting Your Reading Instruction Using Data Tracking

By Corey Pollard, M.S.

Session 7 Presentation Slides (PDF)


Session 8: Yes Day: Social Media and Social Emotional Learning

By Caron A. Westland, Ph.D.; Shanae Weber, MA; & Arianna Shami, MA

Session 8 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Luncheon Sessions

Let’s Learn, Understand, Nurture, Collaborate & Hone

By Toby J. Karten, College of NJ, La Salle University

Let's Learn, Understand, Nurture, Collaborate & Hone Handout (PDF)

Teaching with Wit and Wisdom

By Barbara Coloroso, kids are worth it! Inc

Teaching with Wit and Wisdom Handout (PDF)

Friday 1:45 PM - 2:55 PM (Session II)

Session 10: The Bully, The Bullied, And the Not-So-Innocent Bystander

By Barbara Coloroso, kids are worth it! Inc

Session 10: Handout (PDF)


Session 14: Setting Ambitious “Gap- Closing” IEP Goals

By Jon Paul Burden

Session 14 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 15: Strategies for Success: Addressing Dyslexia and Systematic Intervention

By Leslie Gaiser & Michelle Brenner

Session 15 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Friday 3:15 PM - 4:25 PM (Session III)

Session 21: Intentional by Design - Create Student Success Stories

By Jeanne Bonds, EdS & Courtney Berry, EdD

Session 21 Note Catcher (PDF)

Session 22: IEP Facilitative Skills: The Latest and The Greatest! 

Presented by Mary Anne Fleury 

Session 22 Handout Google Link

Session 25: What’s Next? Teaching The Skills That Matter Through EdTech 

Presented by Cathi Allen 

What's Next Presentation Sides (PDF)

Session 26: Behavior Intervention for Challenging Students

By Stacey Holland

Session 26 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Saturday 8:15 AM - 9:25 AM (Session I)

Session 28: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Family Engagement

By Sandara Rasmussen

Session 28 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 29: Self-Determination 101

Presented by Jennifer Sedaghat, Ed.S.

Self-Determination Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 30: Promoting Student Engagement Through Gamification By Diana T. Sylvander; Angela

Ubben; Rebecca Reed; Rachel Moothard & Michele Clark

Session 30 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 31: Disleksick: Now What? The Umbrella that Bridges it Together

By Tammy Curran & Gay Carlson

Session 31 Presentation Slides with Notes (PDF)

Session 33: Experiential Outdoor-based STEM Activities with Diverse Studentsether

By Lynn Knight

Session 33 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 35: 12 #teacherlife Hacks

By Carina Kemble, Ed.S.

Session 35 Note Catcher (PDF)

Saturday 10:20 AM - 11:35 AM (Session II)

Session 36: Help Children Learn to Generalize Self-Regulation Skills 

By Briana Makofske

Session 36 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 41: Special Service Providers and Trauma-Informed Care

By Kallie Haritopoulos, B.S.

Session 41 Handout (PDF)

Session 42: Post-Secondary Support in a Post-COVID World

Presented by Tara Hitzig & Stephanie Deker 

Post-Secondary Support Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 46: Five Manageable Steps to Meaningful Inclusion

By By Kara Halley & Charlie Buckley

Session 46 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 47: Now What? Next Steps in Trauma-Informed Practice Implementation

By Marni Choice-Hermosillo, PhD, NCSP

Session 47 Presentation Slides (PDF)

Session 48: Applying Theory One: So, All May Learn

By Philippe Ernewein

Session 48 Presentation Slides (PDF)


Saturday 11:45 AM - 12:55 PM (Session III)


Session 50: Penguins & Aliens

By Jean Rice

Session 50 Presentation Slides (PDF)

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